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Chimney Inspection

Inspections - The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends annual inspections for fireplaces, wood stoves, and chimneys. They consist of three levels as described here.



Required Access



Level I

Basic condition of chimney and flue

Absence of combustible deposits or blockage in flue.

Readily accessible areas of the chimney interior and exterior.

Accessible portions of the appliance and chimney connector.

Annually or during routine chimney sweeping.

Upon replacement of connected appliance with a similar unit.

When verification of serviceability for continued use under present conditions is needed.

Level II

A Level I inspection and:

Accessible portions of the chimney structure and all enclosed flues, including size and suitability of flues.

Proper clearances to combustible in accessible areas.

All accessible areas including parts of the chimney passing through crawlspaces and attics.

Video scan or other means of viewing inner surfaces of the flue.

Replacing an appliance with one of a different type or fuel.

After a weather or seismic event likely to cause damage.

Real estate sale or transfer.

Verification of chimney serviceability for continued service under changing conditions, or a Level I inspection is adequate.

Level III

All areas covered by Level I and Level II inspections.

Concealed areas of the chimney structure suspected of damage or malfunction.

Removal of parts of the chimney or building as needed to gain access to specific concealed areas.

When a lower level inspection results in a detected or suspected hazard that can't be checked without access to concealed areas.

When knowledge of the condition of the chimney is critical to the renewed or continued use of the chimney.


At Oconee Chimney Company, our standard is to give you a level 2 inspection with every cleaning. It is very important for you to know the condition of your fireplace and venting system before you start a fire. We use Chim-Scan video systems to detect any issues you might have. We can take still pictures or videos that document the condition. If there are any issues we will inform you and recommend how to fix them. If you do have damage from a chimney fire, your homeowners insurance probably will cover the cost of repairing your system. We can work with your agent on these matters.

Call Oconee Chimney at 770-380-8452 today and put your mind at ease.

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